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We offer a wide range of gaming and lottery products from instant lottery and numbers games to digital scratch cards plus many more.

Online Games
Online Games
Mobile Financial Services
Mobile Financial Services
Value added services
Value added services

We offer state-of-the-art secure online gaming platforms: a complete solution for operating mobile and online lotteries and sports betting in growing global markets.
We can deploy any traditional and jackpot games ranging from the 4 numbers matching in any order between 4 to 45, the 5 numbers matching in any order between 5 to 50 and 5 to 90 and the 6 numbers matching in any order between 1 to 49. We can also offer a range of instant games such as Pick 3, matching 3 numbers in the correct order between 1 to 9 as well as mobile scratch cards, fixed odds and pool sports betting, horse racing and several proprietary multi-platform casino games.

Your players can play and buy/validate tickets from their game wallet on USSD, WEB and SMS or directly from the Mobile money USSD portal. Our platform and games are highly customizable to incorporate your brand and specific customer requirements.

Platform :
Gaming Studios : games monitoring and administration
Transaction Platform : player account management, game wallet, transactions, SMS notifications
Mobile Money Integration
Real-Time Data Analytics
Player Profiles Segmentation
Mobile Marketing Campaigns
Financial Reconciliation
Customer Care Helpdesk/ Customer Support Service

Mobile money can help boost people's financial inclusion by providing unavailable banking services.
Mobile financial services are an affordable, secure and convenient way to provide better access to banking services.
In addition, we also made our Moobifun wallet available to our customers which allows users to check their balance or process transactions across all channels.
Users can deposit and withdraw immediately using their preferred mobile money operator’s wallet.

We have developed application management systems to deliver multimedia and personalized content to mobile subscribers via premium USSD, online or SMS services.
Customers pay to access this exclusive valued-added content offered for a small fee per week.
We manage the full distribution of content across all channels and the customer subscription lifecycle.

Our platform provides/offers :
Content and Application Studios
Subscription Service Manager
Payments: Direct Carrier/Operator Billing
Online Mobile Connection
Mobile Marketing Campaigns
Subscriber Profiles Segmentation
Real-Time Data Analysis


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